Luis Rivera Academics


Academics at the Mix

Academics are at the heart of our after school program. Volunteers and staff members tutor students and assist them with their homework. Beyond tutoring, elementary students spend 45 minutes a week in our library reading with high school mentors. This gives our youngest students the opportunity to improve their reading comprehension skills, while also connecting them with positive mentors.

“The Mix helped me improve my grades. The tutors are a lot of fun and they help me learn at the same time.” –Jordan, 8th grade student

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Mix U

Our volunteers and staff make sure that students get the academic support they need to succeed.Students receive tutoring, homework help, and SAT prep which is all tied with state educational standards.

Scratch 2 Success

An exciting new program, Scratch 2 Success uses an MIT created program which introduces kids to the world of computer programming. This STEM program excites kids about computers, creativity, and science as they create their very own video games and short stories.

This program is made possible thanks to generous donations through the EITC Program.

Bookworm Buddies

After a long day at school, students enjoy quiet time by reading in our library. Kofi Annan, former Secretary-General of the United Nations, states "Literacy unlocks the door to learning
throughout life, is essential to development and health, and opens the way for democratic
participation and active citizenship". Bookworm Buddies allows students to engage with mentors who help to improve their reading skills. The library is always full of joy and excitement at The Mix.

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