Spoken Word Poetry Making an Impact

We Spoken Word Poetry Making an Impact

Our middle and high school students are creating some incredible spoken word poetry as a part of 'We Rock the Mic'. Students work with facilitators and mentors to create engaging original poet work. Not only does the program align with core state academic standards, it also works to develop confidence among students. This is the place to keep track of their performances and work as they progress through the program. We Rock the Mic is made possible through a generous grant from Lancaster County Community Foundation and our wonderful EITC sponsors.

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Student Poem Written for Ewell-Gantz Mural Dedication

Tam Kim Poems Student Poem Written for Ewell-Gantz Mural Dedication

Part One- Kimberly D.
She was what I want to be and what I hope to see.
A miracle seed, planted not far from the children’s tree.
A leader, that didn’t worry about skin color, or looks, instead she focused and stayed reading her books.
As this seed continues to grow and miracles begin the show, I WILL be the reason because this IS the season for change.
Not to sound strange, but it’s time I rearrange the way youth minds are set up now a days.
It’s time to prepare, not for a test, but for something called success. Look not to the sky, but past it there is no limit nor an amount of minutes that you have to wait for the opportunities sitting on your plate.

I hear a voice at the starting line saying… “There is no time for hesitating.”

Part Two- Tamea A.
Negativity is the perception describing a child of color.
There are children in a track met every day, racing for the gold medal until all of a sudden we hear people say “there is no way.”
We’re here to let you know that even if it snows, this marathon is still going on.
We’re running and running, striving and thriving for a change that can definitely be made with the power we hold and the things we’ve been told.
Youth depression, youth drug dealers, youth parent lost, youth gang members and youth suicide and wait, did I forget to motion the taking away of our pride? Are all things that youth go through with their parents asking what, when, where who and why trying not to let us see them cry.
Doubted, let down, shot, stabbed and beat are just a few as to while youth often take a seat.
Tripping, stumbling and then we fall, not from heat but from the discouragement that is placed at our feet.

I won the gold medal, it’s now in my hands and as long as I stand negativity WILL NOT be the perception describing this child of color.

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We Rock the Mic CD Release Show!

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Meet our Spoken Word Poets

Students Perform at Local Fundraiser

Kids Students Perform at Local Fundraiser

A teacher from the Solanco School District reached out to us about having our 'We Rock the Mic' students perform at their school's fundraising event. Of course we said yes! It was for an awesome cause: raising funds to provide a school bus for a deaf school in Kenya. Three of our poets performed on April 4,2014 at Swift Middle School. It was a truly inspiring event!

Lancaster County Community Foundation Highlights We Rock the Mic

A big shoutout to our partners at Lancaster County Community Foundation. Not only did they provide Arbor Place with a $5,000 A-HA Project grant to get We Rock the Mic going, they also wrote up a nice piece about us on their website! Head over to their site to check it out.

March 13, 2014 Poetry Slam

'We Rock the Mic' featured in Lancaster Newspaper

The Lancaster Newspaper was kind enough to feature We Rock the Mic on the front page of the paper! It's a fantastic write up and gives a great look into this transformative program.

First Ever Poetry Slam on February 20th, 2014